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Ohio’s public libraries now have a new resource, Northstar Digital Literacy, for anyone looking to improve their skills with computers, software, or technology. Northstar Digital Literacy is a self-directed assessment and learning tool that covers a variety of technology scenarios. It comes complete with short lessons and practice exercises to improve skills on a number of common computer topics. The Northstar resource is available 24x7 on your local public library's website, and library staff are available to help with the resource during regular hours.

What can you learn?

Colorful laptop
Essential Computer Skills
Internet and computer basics, email, Windows and Mac skills
Hands on laptop
Essential Software Skills
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Google Docs
Colorful social media images
Technology in Daily Life
Social media, information literacy, career search skills, supporting K-12 remote learning, and your digital footprint

The last year has underscored the importance of computer access, connectivity, and digital skills for all of us. Northstar is a valuable resource to anyone looking to brush up on their skills, and it can be a great tool for local businesses to develop new staff.